Friday Funding Success Circle™

Friday Funding Success Circle™

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Do you want to take your business to the next level and secure funding? Introducing the Friday Funding Success Circle! This powerful weekly program will give you check-in and accountability to meet your funding goals so that you can increase your profits. Our program also provides the training, documents, and tools necessary to competently talk money for your business. 

I understand how intimidating it can be to raise money or find a loan for a business. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or like you’re not up to the challenge. But with my dynamic program, I can help put your fear aside and make sure that you’re prepared for any situation when talking money.

The Friday Funding Success Circle provides clear direction and builds confidence about the hard conversations involved in finding a funding solution. I’ll guide you through the process step by step and assemble all of the essential documents so that you have everything you need at your fingertips – from financial statements to contracts – to properly present your stance as an organization. Plus, receive support from other professionals who are tackling similar obstacles in their own businesses! All of this leads to predictable success in even unpredictable scenarios so that no conversation feels out of reach ever again. 

Don’t wait! Dive deep into your business with confidence with our Friday Funding Success Circle™ Program. Let us help provide the structure needed to turn a daunting pursuit into the foundation of long-lasting success – join us today!


Next Kickoff Date: March 24, 2023


How long does the program last?

You pay for 90-day access to the circle. Feel free to renew every 90 days to maintain your membership. 

Is this like a Zoom?

When you join you’ll be added to MotivatHER Inc’s private online community. You'll receive access to the Friday Funding Success Circle™ group which includes an app and live video access and replays.

How long do our Friday Sessions last?

You would need to carve out at least 2-3 hours. If you can’t make it for the entire time, no worries you’ll have access to the replays. But those who show up, glow up (and get their questions answered) so I’d love to see your beautiful face).

What will we cover?

  • Understanding Funding Strategies
  • Creating Compelling Pitch Decks
  • Business Credit
  • Mastering Online Fundraising
  • Diversifying Fundraising Strategies
  • Exploring Local Government Funding Options
  • Uncovering Corporate Giving Opportunities
  • Exploring Online Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Utilizing Social Media for Funding
  • Setup & Managing Project Budgets
  • Finding Grants: Research, Write, Submit
  • Building a Network of Supporters
  • Good Financial Governance Practices
  • Crafting a Sustainable Funding Plan for the Future