Get CultivatEdD™

Get CultivatEdD™ is an educational campaign founded by Regina E. Coley to help schools and brands find learning gaps, fill them with cultivated experiences, and grow and glow in innovative learning spaces. Our cutting-edge training implements a project-based approach to teaching and learning  through 90 day-long projects. The curriculum itself is designed around the idea, "if you nurture it, it will grow." 

MotivatHER Inc.™ partners with schools, corporations, churches, colleges and communities to provide training that inspires students no matter their age to excel in education and lead in life!

Get CultivatEdD™ is dedicated to producing engaging and interactive half day and multi-day programs that focus on cultivating a dedication to equitable and inclusive education.

Get CultivatEdD has unique and diverse systems and solutions that enhance the educational curriculum. Our training empowers educators to cultivate an inquisitive, minds-on, hands-on approach to learning by offering a variety of hands-on experiments, projects, demonstrations and field trips. We bring “why do I need to learn this” to life in any community, no matter how small. We also bring the FUN back into learning. No “sit and get” over here! If you're ready to revive your space, let’s connect. 

We want more people to be involved in this movement towards educational excellence and experience it for yourself.

Could we be looking for you?

You’re a great partner if:

  • You have a team of teachable, open-minded, risk taking staff who want to advance their profession skills and abilities
  • You have an administrative team that’s looking for outstanding, hands-on professional development sessions
  • Your students/learners/employees deserve the absolute BEST educational experience EVERY day they enter your doors
  • You want to teach and train your organization's way of doing things and further develop proprietary learning materials 

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